Since the 1920s, the SAKO firearm has exemplified the craftsmanship of traditional gunsmiths, and each rifle is thoroughly inspected, test fired. SAKO produces some of the most prestigious rifles and cartridges in the world, and their supreme craftsmanship is built into every firearm.

Sako has come a long way from its early hand manufacture to today’s computer aided R&D and CNC manufacturing. Nevertheless, Sako hasn’t forgotten the value of traditional gunsmith craftsmanship, which is why they still carry out certain critical steps themselves. This is exemplified by Sako’s visual inspection of each individual barrel, after which they manually test them for accuracy during a test shoot.


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Owners of Sako guns reciprocally praise the company’s attention to detail and the quality, accuracy, and affordability of their Sako firearms, such as the Sako 85, Sako S20 and other Sako products. While Many Sako rifles are manufactured for hunting and sport shooting purposes, other models (such as the Sako TR M10 rifle) are highly recommended by military and law enforcement.